Tuesday, 1 January 2013


As the sunrises to usher in the new year 2013, it is also momentous to the NiMSA family as the official commencement of new set of executives and adjournment of the council 2011/2012 sine die!

The NiMSA term 2011/2012 may soon be found only in the records of history but I am pleased to say it has made remarkable records in gold, and it gives me mixed feelings as I write this valedictory note.

It was indeed a rare privilege to serve this great association in such a capacity (VP-Internal) that saw me working directly with individual MSAs to build their own structures as affiliate organizations under NiMSA.

If I am asked to describe our administration in few words I will say; a vibrant team, full of vigor that served NiMSA diligently.

I recall with nostalgia the emotional highs of such times when disagreements ensue, but we always evolved afterwards more focused and united, thanks to the camaraderie of the President Eilojie Omobude and the VP-external Muzzammil Gandaya...

To the other members of the council and MSA Presidents it was indeed an honour and great pleasure working with you guys.

To other organizations and individuals who have in one way or the other contributed to the success of this administration we say a big thank you.

Our time might have come and gone but the events of our term shall be remembered albeit not perfect but a purpose driven stint and a shining example of the essence of unionism NiMSA had.

Time-lines created and met, challenges conquered and goals achieved!
We bow out in contentment grateful for the opportunity to serve and hopeful the flag keeps flying.

I wish the new executives a fruitful tenure, I am confident my brother Bashir Maru is equal to the task, having worked with him in the recent past am sure NiMSA has got yet another competent leader.

Compliments of the season
Ibrahim M.B Abubakar
Vice President for Internal Affairs
NiMSA 2011/2012

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